Star Of Remphan: Bible meaning Explained Easily (7:43)

The Star Of Remphan

Stephen, at the time of his death – before he was martyred, mentioned Remphan as the subject of idolatrous worship. In the new testament (Acts 7 vs. 43 – 54), he condemned the idolatry behavior that the jews had taken upon themselves. Even though there are wide variations of the name – such as Molech, they are all referring to the same God.

Stephen had been taken to answer the charges leveled against him before the Sanhedrin – he was caught teaching people what God had said about the temple being destroyed, and how the laws of Moses had changed. He was going through how the children of Israel had sinned and backslid from the original promises given to Abraham (Acts 7 vs. 2 – 8), and adding to their transgressing of the law; they had become idolaters.

Going on, he referred to their idols – the star of Remphan inclusive as what they carry around in small ceremonial boxes – in the shapes of tabernacles, and they carry it everywhere, be it on a journey, to a waterfront, everywhere. This mostly intended it to be a form or type of idolatry (Exodus 20 vs. 4).

Due to their worship of these idols – Star of Remphan and co, Stephen called all of them stiff-necked, as it was a sign of refusal to bow before God due to their pride, uncircumcised, and he went greatly against all they believed, which angered them furiously in return. Later on, their years of frolicking with idols while turning away from God caught up with them as God destroyed their temple just as Jesus and Stephen foretold.

Star Of Remphan

What Does The Star of Remphan Look Like?

It has many names, but the right reference is when it is commonly referred to as the “seal of Solomon.” It features a six-pointed hexagram star that is comprised of two equilateral triangles that are overlaid.

As it appears on many Jewish things, it is closely linked to being Jewish -as it appears on the flag of the state of Israel, synagogues, tombstones, jewelry, and a range of many other Jewish items. There is no scriptural reference to this symbol, but if you have seen the Israeli flag, you would have seen what the star of Rempahn looked like.

Brief Examination of The Star of Remphan

This star is not a symbol that exclusively belongs to the Jews. It has appeared in various cultures and practices that date back to before Jesus was born. It has been used by Buddhists, FreeMasons, Hindus, Kabbalah, The occultic, worship of Saturn, and majorly Witchcraft.

The versatility of the star of Remphan – usage by many groups termed evil and devilish, has made it a symbol that Christians don’t want to be associated with, as they believe it is a symbol of the anti-christ. For a reason, this theory might be correct. Let’s look at its characteristics and how they apply to suit this narrative below.

As we have briefly explained above, the star of Remphan consists of two overlaid equilateral triangles. The mathematical property of an equilateral triangle is that the sum of its three angles is equal to 180, i.e., all angles are 60 each. Two triangles that are 180 each would give us 360 (180 + 180 = 360). When you omit the 0 in 360, you have 36, which some people think means 3 6’s, i.e., 666 – the mark of the antichrist. And if you add numbers from 1 up to 36, it will give you a sum of 666.

This symbol has been used as a talisman to conjure up evil spirits in the use of magic and many more. This supports the idea that these factions have that it is a symbol Christians, in general, should not relate themselves to, as it is a direct attack to imitate the cross’s influence while violating God’s law laid down for us concerning idolatry.

The Origin Of The Star Of Remphan

The Origin Of The Star Of Remphan

The star of Remphan, also called the star of Solomon, refers to the god “Saturn,” which was brought to the Jewish people after the promiscuity of Solomon with which he married many wives and turned his face away from that of God as they engaged in idolatry (1st Kings 11 vs. 7 – 8). One of his wives – the daughter of Pharaoh in particular, introduced him to these practices, and despite the misconceptions, David, his father, had nothing to do with this star, nor did it represent the people of God.

Solomon was rich and affluent (1st Kings 3 vs. 1), and he could afford to marry many wives as he deemed fit, and with the lust and power of that magnitude, there was a price to pay as he was led into witchcraft by the lady above – into the worship of Kabala.

As Solomon gave himself and devoted to these practices, he started to build altars for them – for Moloch (Saturn) too. Saturn has been vastly associated with Satan, the color black, and some might even argue that satan was coined from the word Saturn. Also, as we all know that Saturn is a planet that is the farthest from the sun, and surprisingly, the northern part of this planet has the shape of a hexagon.

As this information might come as a surprise, when we piece them together, it’s starting to make sense in the argument that this symbol is indeed evil. There is much evidence to name it so.

Why Is The Star Considered Evil?

There are many arguments as to why this symbol should be considered evil or otherwise. Some consider it just a seal for the Jewish people and not a religious symbol. However, some elements of the symbol have stoked the fire of it being considered evil. You can keep reading to find out more below.

The Hexagram

Considered to be associated with witchcraft, occult, and everything demonology right from time, this shape has fallen under scrutiny. It was used in some of the ancient occult to offer a portal/channel dark spirit and forces with their demonic energy, and only people who had given themselves over to dark forces could cast it.

The Hexagram

The Hex

The word “hex,” which means applying a symbol to something or someone, was considered an act to curse the carrier. Anybody who carries such a symbol would be cursed going forward. In this context, anybody carrying the star of Remphan would be considered cursed and a channel for demonic spirit and energy. Some other sects go a step further, by drawing an eye in the middle of the hexagram, which gives off the appearance of a watching evil eye.

Summoning Practises

As seen in movies – which can be an extension of what people practice in real-life, some groups practice this by drawing this symbol on the ground with candles while chanting to summon an entity into the drawn diagram on the floor.


What Is The Star Of Remphan?

The star of Remphan is a symbol associated with the god Moloch – Saturn. It was first heard of notably in the bible as one of the gods’ King Solomon made an altar to worship after he married the daughter of Pharaoh – one of his many wives and concubines.

Like we said above, the star consists majorly of two equilateral triangles overlaid on each other. To get an idea of what it looks like, you can take a look at the flag of the state of Israel.

Who Was Chiun?

Chiun is another appellation to Remphan – which can be translated into words such as “idol” and “ detestable thing.”

As we have said above Chiun in this case is also Remphan, a god worshiped by the jews. They made small tabernacles for it and carried them along everywhere they went. Chiun, or Remphan in this case, came under heavy scrutiny when Stephen was about to be martyred as he spoke heavily against the idolatry and stiff-neckedness of the Jews who had departed from the laws of God.

Who Is Baal Of The Bible?

According to the bible, Baal is a deity of Phoenician and Canaanite descent. Its shape was like that of a bull or ram, and it was said to be the god of life and fertility, who was said to bring rain and dew to the Canaan area. The Canaanites credited their bounty harvest to Baal whenever they got a good harvest.

However, in the absence of God, people tend to make a graven image for themselves to worship (Exodus 20 vs. 4 – 5), and this was exactly what happened to the Israelites in the bible (Exodus 32 vs. 4).

When the Israelites were freshly freed from Egypt, they mixed with the Moab women, and they were under the temptation to worship Baal – this idol worship rose during the reign of Ahab as King.

Is Saturn Mentioned In The Bible?

Saturn was one of the most expressly mentioned planets in the Bible, along with Venus and Earth. It is also represented by Chiun and Remphan in the bible, and in Hebrew, is expressed as the planet in charge of the Jews. When and Wherever you see the Star of Remphan mentioned in the bible, it is in accordance with Saturn.


With the brief background check and biblical reference we have been able to make about the star of Remphan, we can comfortably say that it was made out as an idol for people to worship. Also, in ancient and recent manners, it has been used in the work of evil and dark power/magic – things that are not of God.

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